Back in the saddle

Sitting here just finishing up the first dose of cycle 23 of chemo, with awesomely normal liver enzymes, decent red-blood-cell count & white-blood-cell count, everything else all good.  Now we’ll stop by the food coop and go home and I will rest some, because last week’s three afternoons of zapping gave me a lot to recover from.

There is a small possible-mini-seizure story to be told from the weekend, which of course means more appointments for me, and no driving until we figure it out, and continued gooney drugs (anti-seizure prophylaxis) way longer than planned, which is unfortunate because I don’t like feeling drunk and a bit unstable on my feet. And also I can’t drive if I’m going to be at risk for seizures.  But it might have just been dehydration, or–my hypothesis–a 90-second seizure secondary to brain disturbance from the SRS plus dehydration/heat/electrolyte imbalance, not to be repeated because it was due to treatment & post-treatment effects, which are temporary! Meanwhile I have other things to follow up on this month–the DVT, the knee pain, my usual 3-month CT scan–which felt a bit overwhelming even before the need for a neurological consult…

In other news, I got approved for disability payments from Social Security in what seems like record time (possibly related to all the records I sent them as instructed…) so at least now my feeling of having too much medical “work” to do is matched by the government’s agreement that I can’t do regular work!  I am disabled by my appointments more than by my disease at this point.  Who knew?

And now “spa time” in the infusion room is over and it’s off to the coop.  Soon I’ll post some pictures from last week’s SRS adventure.

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