SRS mask pictures for anyone who’s curious!

I found Not Enough anticipatory-guidance style info online for this stereotactic radiosurgery experience from the patient perspective–so here are some photos that may be useful for someone to run across someday.




6 thoughts on “SRS mask pictures for anyone who’s curious!

  1. Laurie Foster

    Hey Ellen,
    Bruce gave me your blog address, and I just want to say that as I head off to Connecticut for the FAM spring board retreat, that we are all thinking about you and sending you our best healing energy in this very intense journey you are on. And I also want to extend deepest thanks for your amazing work for midwifery and your support of FAM. You are a role model of strength and resilience! Take care, Laurie

    • ekhb

      Thanks, Laurie! Enjoy the FAM retreat!

  2. Gina Qualliotine

    Good idea to put this out there so others can check it out. You look so totally chill with the process in the photos! Guess you have had some practice.

  3. bob elmendorf

    Ellen, there are few enough people blogging about their experience with metastatic cancer, let alone having pictures taking of them as they are being treated, let alone transforming it into a cartoon accompanied by your succinct ironic comments and asides. Thanks you for your continued courage and humor which is an inspiration to so many including me.

  4. I DO like the new format. It’s very modern, my dear. Glad to see you last night in your fancy designer dress. Thanks for subscribing me so I can be all caught up.

  5. Shelly

    I definitely see why the Ativan is necessary. Yikes!

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